Ozone Solutions, Water Treatment and Bottling Plants, Air Purification and Sewage and Effluent Treatment Systems

Ozone Services Industries (OSI) provides a wide range of Ozone (O³) and associated technology solutions for water purification, air purification, sewage and effluent treatment and turnkey bottling plants.

The Aquazone Drinking Water Treatment plants can be sized to suit customers bottle or other filling needs. Generally Reverse Osmosis systems are used but with a remineralisation technique to produce tasty water with the correct mineral content and also the right pH levels. Ozone is added for disinfection and to freshen up the water.

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 Water Purification Plants

Aquazone water purification systems use Ozone (O³) and Ultraviolet (UV) technologies to provide disinfection and oxidation in water treatment plants and to complement other technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, water softeners etc.


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Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Plants

Chemical free package sewage treatment plants solutions for above ground, below ground and containerised, to suite any application. View Domestic Sewage Treatment or Industrial Sewage Treatment.


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Air Purification

Ozone and UV technologies used to sterilize and disinfect the air for prevention of illness through airborne pathogens & viruses. Also used to prevent cross contamination and increase storage life on perishables. Home and industrial applications are available with multiple health benefits

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Saunozone - Ozone Therapy Products

Ozone therapy products for domestic, health and wellness industry using Ozone, UV and infrared technology.



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What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas, which is formed naturally by Ultraviolet rays from the sun hitting the earth as well as during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes. When this occurs the Oxygen (O2) molecule is split into two (2) individual atoms which then attach themselves to other Oxygen (O2) molecules, thus forming an Ozone (O3) molecule. Read more about What is Ozone