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Ozone Solutions have been supplying and servicing ozone generators for industrial, commercial, municipal and domestic markets for the last 20 years.

Not only can we supply but we advise, design and supply associated equipment to make the ozone generator work and become more efficient.

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Ozone is a gas that when generated at ground level has amazing oxidation and disinfection capabilities which can be used to replace chlorine or other harmful chemicals that can result in pollution and harmful residues. Ozone gas has been used as an oxidant and disinfectant over the last 100 years in water and air purification.

Ozone Solutions have the experience and knowledge to ensure success of any project where ozone gas is used and clients can be comfortable that the process can be effective with continuous operation.

Aquazone Ozone generators to purify water and to oxidise iron and manganese

The Aquazone Drinking Water Treatment and bottle plants can be sized to suit customers bottle or other filling needs. Generally Reverse Osmosis systems are used but with a remineralisation technique to produce tasty water with the correct mineral content and also the right pH levels. Ozone is added for disinfection and to freshen up the water.

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Airzone Air Purification

Ozone generators for removing smells permanently from hotel rooms, vehicles, garbage areas or mortuaries.

Airzone Portable ozone generator commonly used for hotel rooms to get rid of smoke smells

Desk or wall mounted Airzone ozone generators for smoking or reception or office areas to maintain fresh clean air


Airzone Ozone Generators and UV  used to deodorise, sterilise, disinfect and maintain pathogen free air to stop cross contamination by air bacteria and viruses. 

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Airzone OdoGo Hotel room deodorisers remove the source of the smell. Not a perfume.

Biozone Sewage and Waste Water treatment


Electricity and Chemical free package sewage treatment plants solutions for above ground, below ground and containerised. Solar driven options


n. View Domestic Sewage Treatment or Industrial Sewage Treatment.

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