Airzone Air Sanitation and Deodorising Systems

Airzone Air Purification, Sanitation and Deodorising

Ozone gas generated from a UV or CD Airzone ozone generator can be used to purify air in a room, container or cold room where the gas eliminates airborne pathogens such as botrytis or tuberculosis. Therefore it will prevent cross contamination from one person or product to another.

It can also be used to effectively deodorise by eliminating the source of the smell e.g. a hotel room that has been smoked in or a garbage area.

Also in a storeroom or cold room the ozone gas will extend shelf life of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables and will neutralise ethylene.

Prevent mould growth with ozone gas and take away that musty smell.

In your home office or factory you will always want the air to be clean and fresh as you would like your drinking water to be.
Smoke, garbage, stale or musty air can all be addressed with the use of ozone.
Similarly the air in a storeroom, fridge or cold room can be maintained as airborne microorganism free with the use of ozone and Ultraviolet light technology.
And then at the right levels, ozone will prevent bacteria growth on fresh fruit or vegetables, in a cheese production room or on surface areas such as in a laboratory.
Ozone Solutions are specialists in air treatment and apart from ozone can also provide products in demand by the mother, homeowner or office worker such as a Meaco home room humidifiers or air filter systems, hepa or electrostatic.




Ozone (O³) is used in semi occupied or non occupied areas to purify and deodorise air. Ultraviolet (UV) systems are used in occupied areas generally by treating the air by circulating past UV tubes.

Airzone systems are well suited for these markets for eliminating pathogens and maintaining health:  Doctors’ Offices, Dentists, Hospitals and Clinics, Pathology laboratories, Veterinarian Clinics, Day Care Centres, Schools, Nursing, Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Supermarkets, Health Clubs, Beauty Salons and Hairdressers, Nurseries, Food Processing and Beverage Bottling Facilities, and business enterprise within Commerce and Industry.

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Airzone OdoFree Sani


Wall mounted ozoniser for sanitising and deodorising air.

Airzone Giai

Airzone Giai Ozoniser

Wall or desktop mounted ozoniser with hepa filter.

Airzone Car Sterilisers


Airzone – Pumps ozone gas in to vehicles to deodorise and sanitise

Airzone OdoGo


Portable ozone generator used for deodorising and sanitising.

Airzone Sani Range of UV air purification

UV Mortuary Disinfection control


UV mobile and wall mountred units can be used very effectively in Mortuaries witrh or without ozone to disinfect and deodorise for safer and more pleasant conditions for workers, staff and visitors 

MEACO Low Energy Dehumidifiers

The new Platinum range of dehumidifiers from Meaco creates a new benchmark for domestic dehumidifiers.

Airvax Air Purifier by Meaco

For a healthier living environment either at work or at home, the Airvax Air Purifier is the next generation air purifier for today’s generation.