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  • Room ozone generator smoke remover

    Airzone OdoGo Portable Air Purifiers Having dedicated smoking rooms in an Hotel can be a costly exercise, however most hotel owners don’t realise that if someone has been smoking in a room or left any other smell for that matter, using a portable ozone generator will eliminate the source of the odour and not just […]

  • Ozone Applications in a Ready-To-Eat Meat Processing Plant

    Ozone can be effectively used to lower the levels of microorganisms on processing equipment and plant surfaces, and on the surfaces of processed food products (fresh and smoked pork sausage, bacon, skinless and natural casing wieners, lunch meat, and hams). A common solution uses an organic acid (sodium lactate) for sanitation. Ozone is an effective […]

  • Ozone in bottled water

    In 1995, the World Bank estimated that contaminated water causes ten million people (10,000,000) to die annually and is the reason for 80% of all illnesses in developing countries; and that one billion people (1,000,000,000) have no access to clean drinking water. Aquazone water treatment plants are manufactured in all sizes and can be installed […]

  • GoZone Drinking Water in the shops

        If you are worried about the tap water quality in your area then find a GoFill plant in your local supermarket where you can buy GoZone Health Water which is guaranteed pure, healthy and great tasting.    Article in the media in August 2015   If you think load-shedding is bad, brace yourself […]

  • Ozone reverse osmosis disinfection

    Ozone: Ozone is considered experimental at this point, but there are some dialysis facilities that have had good success with its use. Ozone has been well accepted in other fields that require high purity water, such as the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is extremely degrading to RO membranes and […]

  • Ozone…Replace copper in the vineyard?

      Simon Woolf   March 12, 2015 Columns, Simon Woolf, Wine Science, Wine Spotlight   When I first meet Dutch winemaker Stan Beurskens, I’ve already heard quite a bit about him. He’s one of very few Netherlands producers farming organically, he’s an interesting character, he likes to work with unusual grape varieties,and so forth. Our first exchange therefore […]

  • Ebola…..disinfection…Ozone can play a role

    Various ozone suppliers are offering to help contain the spread of the virus by offering to demonstrate the efficacy of ozone disinfection in affected areas.   For example Howard Robins, M.D., a New York City-based advocate of ozone therapy, says he is planning to fly to the Ebola outbreak zone in West Africa to test […]

  • A very good reason to use ozone in water to rinse fresh food

    Domestic ozone rinse……what everyone should be using to rinse their fresh food…especially poultry and fish Three-quarters of fresh supermarket chickens carry deadly food poisoning bug – with Asda the worst offender. Around 73% fresh roasting chickens are contaminated with campylobacter The revelations emerged in the Food Standard Agency’s final report Almost 20% of chickens were […]

  • Afraid of drinking tap water?

      A young boy drinks water from a tap metres from the Juskei river that runs through Alexandra township in Johannesburg not knowing that it is the most polluted river in Southern Africa and this mostly because of human waste Introducing GoZoneHealth Water you are worried about the tap water quality in your area […]

  • Bottling Water System contamination control

      Contamination of product is always of major concern for food or drink producers, bottling plant operators and consumer products and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The devastating costs of contamination dictate that operators are always on the look out for effective sanitisation processes. Contamination can occur from: The added ingredient Process water Packaging Air. Disinfection techniques: Ozone. […]