MEACO Low Energy Dehumidifiers

Low Energy DehumidifiersThe new Platinum range of dehumidifiers from Meaco creates a new benchmark for domestic dehumidifiers by lowering consumers running costs and increasing build quality to a level that can save customers over £100 per year on their electricity bill.*

There are two new models in the Platinum range – the Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier and the Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier, the 12 litre model sets a new standard drawing just 165 watts while the 20 litre is even more remarkable at just 255 watts (some dehumidifiers use twice this level).

These low consumption figures will save you a huge amount of money in electricity charges year in year out. In order to create a dehumidifier that performs and runs so efficiently we had to not only optimise the design but every individual component had to be of the highest quality. This results in a dehumidifier that is quieter, stronger and more robust than other dehumidifiers on the market. These new Meaco dehumidifiers really do stand out in a class of their own which is why we have classified them as being our first Platinum dehumidifiers.

Should you be concerned about not just dealing with damp air but you also wish to achieve clean air then you can add a HEPA filter to your Platinum dehumidifier to remove pollutants smaller than the eye can see.

By buying and using a Meaco Platinum range dehumidifier you are not only investing in a dehumidifier that will combat mould, condensation and damp problems, you are also buying a high end, quality piece of engineering, that has been tested against the highest international standards.

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