Ozone and Oxygen Therapy Treatment Product

  • Portable Ozone Therapy Unit for home and Clinics.

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  • (The unit, for safety and ozone purity reasons needs to be fed with medical grade oxygen either from an oxygen bottle or an oxygen generator)
  • Description.

  • The unit is a portable device which can be safely used for ozone therapy in the home, clinic or hospitalTitanium  electrode  and quartz tube  cells  are  powered  by  12VDC with a  120-220VAC  to  12VDC transformer ( supplied). This guarantees a stable ozone output regardless of  input voltage fluctuations. The ozone  concentration can be adjusted  from  8-85  mg/L  by  adjusting  the  oxygen flow  rate.


  • Ozone insufflation. Ozone gas is introduced in to the rectum or vagina at predetermined levels by a qualified practitioner. Again it is vital that medical oxygen is utilised to prevent contamination of the gas.


 Using steam…to open up the pores of the skin and ozone which is absorbed in to the body and blood through the skin.