Airzone ™ Car Sterilisers

Airzone ™ Car Sterilisers


The Airzone Odofree is an awesome tool to make your car, fleet vehicle or used car, smell BRAND NEW every time. The Odofree destructs even the most lingering smells like cigarette smoke & pet smells. It works with 1000, 2000 or 4000mg/h of cold corona OZONE pumped into your vehicle through a silicone pipe. Specifically suited for mas use like car washes, used car dealers and many more.


  • Disinfect, sterilise & deoderise your vehicle
  • Get rid of unwanted smells in your seat covers & mats
  • Disinfect your aircon filters
  • Make your car smell brand new every time


  • Timer
  • On lights
  • 1000mg/h ozone generator
  • Fan
  • Silicone, ozone resistant tubing

General use:

  • Used car dealerships
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Car rentals
  • Car valet