Rainwater disinfection for drinking

If you are unsure about drinking your rainwater, bubble the ozone in to your 5, 10, 15 or 20 litre container for a matter of minutes to effectively disinfect and purify to safe for drinking. Once you have bubbled ozone in to your rainwater for a few minutes you can be sure that the water is completely drinkable.

Use the same machine to remove smoke or other smells from your car, fridge cupboard or room. Or to freshen up a musty room and prevent/remove mould.

Or bubble in to your storage tank using the Aquazone BioBubbler Tank kit

Simply hang the provided diffuser stone in the tank set the timer for the desired period and daily protection/disinfection will occur.

Ozone is a gas that when introduced to water with iron or bacterial contaminants the ozone will, at the correct dosage, eliminate these by oxidation.

Water tank Storage and Treatment

Rain Water requiring disinfection

Smelly Grey Water

Brown and brackish borehole water

E.Coli infected river or dam water

The Aquazone Biobubbler system is an easy to install method for any homeowner requiring water from rain harvesting

Ozone fresh food rinse

Connect your food preparation/rinse tap to the Aquazone ABS and kill surface bacteria and extend shelf life..salmonella, pesticides, listeria..no more