Sewage and Waste Water Treatment in Containers or Standalone

sewage-treatmentTo treat sewage using natural eco friendly methods and to reuse the treated water for irrigating gardens or reintroducing back in to rivers or dams. Minimal sludge and no smells/odours
Raw sewage is channeled to a submerged tank, (this could be the old septic tank) which will act as a buffer tank and where non biodegradable products will be  separated.

The sewage is then pumped in to a bioreactor tank system , where oxygen is continuously introduced to encourage bacteria growth which feed on the sewage.

Then the effluent then overflows in to a clarification/ settling tank system where any solids that escape the bioreactor system are collected and pumped or gravitated back to the septic or collection tank.

From the clarification tank, the now clean and treated water overflows in to the last tank where sterilisation occurs using ozone or Ultra violet.

In the sterilisation tank is a submersible pump which will automatically pump the treated water to irrigation, or dams, rivers etc.

Periodically it may be necessary to use a “honeysucker” system to remove solids and sludge from the septic/collection tank.