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  • Where traditionally retail outlets throughout the world stock bottled water and sell same – the concept that Aquazone has introduced is a filling system in-shop, where the water is purified to a very high standard within the premises but out of sight.

    The plant can be in a storeroom  and then pumped under pressure to an in-store kiosk tap-display type unit.

    The retail outlet can thus easily sell its own tasty bottled water, which is prepared and conforms to all the technical quality requirements as outlined both on the label and in the barcodes.

Whilst the plant (which consists of the Gozone treatment, pumps and containers) can be located in any convenient storeroom out of sight, the actual dispenser kiosk would ideally be situated close to the vegetables and fresh fruit supplies, in all probability on a Gondola end. The Kiosk is an attractive display item which has an active bubble façade and high quality graphics. It is fed from a pipe leading from the plant, and requires a 15amp mains supply. The treated water is supplied via a tap which forms part of the Kiosk. It would require some two square meters of floor space.

The likely customer scenario is as follows. The shopper would initially pick up a 2-10 litre full Gozone branded bottle which is fitted with a tap for dispensing and would pass through the check-out with it as with any other items purchased.

Once the container has been emptied, the shopper would return to the store with the empty container during the next shopping trip and refill the container from the Kiosk in store.

The obvious advantage being that the initial cost of the container would not be repeated when returned for a re-fill, which would simply become part of the shopping experience and would obviate the need to go to a dedicated water supply shop for the re-fill.

Other advantages include:

  • The water purchase would form part of the shopping experience enhanced by the low cost of a container re-fill.
  • The shopper would pay significantly less for their water as the retail outlet does not have to import its spring water from source – often many miles away, and, the bottled water has to be stored, displayed and sold and this comes at a cost.
  • The water supplied through the Gozone treatment is extremely high quality using a process of de-mineralized reverse osmosis as well as Ozone to ensure a high quality, tasty and healthy prepared water.
  • The Gozone system is high pressure. Conventionally, refills rely on gravity and thus the water output is limited and takes time. With the Gozone system the refill takes seconds.
  • The advantage to the retailer is that they don’t have to worry about storage costs, or having display shelves for a range of bottled water. They can have their own containers located close to the kiosk.
  • The cost of the water is minimal (close to .03 cents per litre) plus electricity and depreciation of the equipment. This translates to high margins with excellent profits
  • The retailer would be supplied with a full range of bottles by Ozone Specialists on an internet based ordering system together with labels (which also offers a mark-up opportunity).

Following on from the refill and bottled water scenario are other opportunities for example:

A conference happening in the locality or a charity requiring support, a road race or other function/activity would be able to approach the retailer and negotiate a bulk order of bottled water. Ozone services would be able to supply custom made labels to suite the client or function. An in-store wrapping station could be offered to package case lots or even pallets for this purpose.

An opportunity, identified by other retail outlets, is the attraction of the Gozone water purification process for the ice water sales – so prepared ice packets can be sold together with the Gozone water which will be branded to highlight a quality product as opposed to normal ice which is easily contaminated and without taste.

Store managers should take into account the following when deciding to take advantage of the Gozone offerings:

  • The retail outlet has the option to enter into a rental agreement or purchase the plant and equipment.
  • If the plant is purchased a service agreement will be entered into which will cover required maintenance, training and stock monitoring
  • If the plant is rented all associated servicing etc. will form part of the rental agreement.
  • By introducing a new and exciting product the store manager will attract a larger customer base of people wanting to buy QUALITY water and thereafter shopping for other products.
  • Profits are achieved not only by offering a new product, but also by doing so without the need for large floor space. In fact the Kiosk will not require any more than two square meters and will offer a better ratio of profit per square meter than many other products.
  • When displayed as a Gondola end unit the Kiosk is attractive and attention grabbing. It will soon become one of the most visited displays not only because of its vibrant looks, but also the novelty of being able to fill the customers own container.
  • Ozone services will ensure that a food and safety compliance guarantee is issued which in turn ensures that the plant remains compliant, covering items such as changing filters, checking water pressure and the critical quality of water.
  • The Kiosk is attractive with a façade of light and bubbles and will attract people who will want to see what is on offer.

There seems little doubt that for a minimal outlay the Gozone plant and Kiosk will add a further dimension to the shopping experience, offer a quality guaranteed product of ozonised water with its proven benefits to a burgeoning market of traditional spring water consumers.

Further details on request.


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