Aquazone Water ozone generator

Aquazone Water Ozone Generator Systems

Aquazone Ozone generators for use in water bubble diffusion or venturi injection systems

Aquazone Ozone Generators produce Ozone (O³) gas using either, Corona ( CD) ,Ultraviolet (UV) or electrolytic technologies.

The ozone gas can disinfect and oxidise in water treatment plants and is used to complement other technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, water softeners etc.

When borehole, dam or river water is treated with ozone, pollutants are either precipitated, flocculated and filtered or off-gassed out of the system. Ozone also will help stabilize the water’s pH to between 7 and 8. Bacteria, viruses, and any other pathogens are destroyed when ozone gives up its third element and renders them unable to reproduce.

Iron and to a lesser extent, manganese are common contaminants in borehole water in South Africa.

Various methods to eliminate iron are recommended but often the client calls for a chemical free solution and this is where ozone can play a role.

There are  two  most  common  methods  of  injecting  ozone  into  the  water,  using  a  pump  to force  ozone  through  a  diffuser  and  venturi  injection or by bubbling ozone gas into a tank. We  prefer  venturi  injection  because it  is  very  efficient  and  requires  no  moving  parts.  Water  pressure  at  the  inlet  of  the  venturi injector  must  be  higher  than  the  outlet  pressure  during  the  entire  pump  cycle.  


water purification systems aquazone-water-bottling-plant-and-water-purification-systems

From 1 gram ozone per hour to 10 we customise plants to suit customers needs

This is a 4 module ozone generator with each module providing 1 gram of ozone each to 4 different dosing sites

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Aquazone Diffuser ozone generators excludes air drier and flow meter

1, 2. 3.5, 5 and 10 gram ozone generators with or without air drier and air pumps for use in venturi ozone injection or bubbling diffusion

Either disinfect tank water by bubbling ozone gas into the water or continuosly dose ozone through an injector and circulation pump

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Aquazone High Concentration Ozone Generators

Industrial waste water treatment


The Aquazone units can also have integrated oxygen generator for use with an oil free compressor and drier

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Aquazone 20 to 60 gram ozone per hour ozone generators

Aquazone OZ Series

With built in oxygen generator and ready to be connected to clean dry compressed air or supplied with a drier/compressor kit if not on site

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Aquazone Industrial Ozone generators 50 to 200 gram

Aquazone 200

When connected to a liquid oxygen supply or oxygen generator ( PSA) the units will deliver high concentrate ozone for injection or diffusion systems

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Aquazone Industrial large ozone generators

Aquazone 5 kg/hr up to 20 kg/hr

For large water treatment plants with adjustable ozone outputs controlled by sophisticated monitoring/ controlling systems and safety requirements such as ozone destruction and ambient air protection for workers


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Aquazone Whole house water purification system with Ultra Violet – sized to your need

This unit removes sediment, odour, chlorine and harmful bacteria for your whole house water needs.

water purification system

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Aquazone UV ( ultra violet) ozone generator systems

Aquazone UV systems do not require air drying in moist areas and produce good quality ozone at low levels

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Aquazone Reverse Osmosis

Aquazone RO (Reverse Osmosis) Systems available from domestic to light industrial purification system

Light industrial reverse osmosis water purification unit

Light Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

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Aquazone contact chamber system

Aquazone Contacting system

Contacting system layout to mix ozone gas with the water

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Aquazone 250LPH Ultra Violet (UV) water steriliser

UV sterilisation is the chemical free solution to kill bacteria in water. Used in koi ponds, aquariums and water purification plants. Sized for any requirement and flow rate, please contact us

Ultra Violet (UV) water steriliser

15000 litres/hr. 85 Watt x3, 2 1/2"
10200 litres/hr, 85 Watt x2, 2" Male
5450 litres/hr, 85 Watt, 1 1/2" Male
2720 litres/hr, 40 Watt, 3/4" Male
1800 litres/hr, 29 Watt, 1/2" Male without control box
1800 litres/hr, 29 Watt, 1/2" Male with control box
450 litres/hr, 14 Watt, 1/4" Female

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Aquazone circulation system

Aquazone Ozone Circulation system

For effective continuous ozone dosing in water treatment

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Ozone Solutions have a multitude of ozone products available that are sized to your need, please contact us so that we can provide you with a quotation and specialised information to guide you to the CORRECT ozone water generator product for your need.


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