Aquazone BioBubbler Tank Water Treatment System

Home drinking water disionfection

Tank Water treatment system

Aquazone BioBubbler systems use ozone gas to enable the homeowner to guarantee saved rain water safe to drink and in grey and well or borehole water deodorise and remove iron by oxidation.
Ozone is a gas that when introduced to water with iron or bacterial contaminants the ozone will, at the correct dosage, eliminate these by oxidation. An internal air pump forces atmospheric air through an ozone generator tube which then by high electrical discharge convert the oxygen in the air in to ozone gas which is an extremely strong oxidant.
This ozone gas is pumped in to an ozone friendly air diffuser stone which, because of the fine bubbles, mixes the ozone gas with the water where the oxidation then occurs.


  • Tank water bubble treatment and purification
  • Freshen stale water
  • E.Coli and other bacteria elimination
  • Iron, manganese and tannin oxidation
  • Container or room disinfection or deodorisation
  • Air conditioning ducting mould removal and prevention
  • Vehicle deodorising ( cigarette smoke)
  • Hotel room smoke smell removal
  • Drainage or Garbage areas deodorising
  • Freshen stale or musty rooms
  • Field or laboratory trials
  • Cold room purify air maintenance.
  • Stored fresh food extend shelf life.
  • Rinsing of fresh food in ozonated water ( kill surface bacteria and extend shelf life)

The Aquazone Biobubbler system is an easy to install method for any homeowner requiring water from rain harvesting.
For the BioBubbler the pipe with the airstone is dangled in the water in the tank whereas the Biobubbler Mini has a small pipe and stone allowing the treratment of smaller containers such as the 20 litre water dispenser systems