Aquazone Product Information

The Aquazone and Airzone Ozone Generators are built in South Africa using top quality corona discharge ozone modules which are suited to local operating conditions and are easily dismantled for cleaning and repairs.

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The ozone modules are guaranteed for 2 years. 

Ozone outputs specified are either with oxygen supply or with dry and clean atmospheric air.

GetOzone Sales and Technical staff are able to provide technical and installation advice/support for all ozone corona and UV ozone systems.

Apart from a large spare parts inventory we also stock and supply the full range of Oxygen PSA generators, ozone accessories including ozone-friendly piping, venturis, airstones, air driers, ORP/Redox sensor controllers, ppm ozone test kits for water and air and ambient air monitors to ensure a safe operating environment.

AQUA- BASIC Aquazone Basic Ozone Generator 2,3.5, 10 and 20 gram on air The Aquazone Basic range of ozone generators are built in a mild steel enclosure with cooling fans to keep the ozone modules cool, small air pump and 6 mm stainless steel ozone outlet Aquazone Basic Ozone Generator
AQUA-ADV Aquazone Advanced Ozone Generator 2,3.5, 10 and 20 gram on air Advanced units are the same as the basic models but with an airdrier and flow meter Aquazone Advanced Ozone Generator
AQUA-BIOBUBBLER Aquazone 2, 3.5, 5 and 10 gram Tank BioBubbler Integrated air pump and timer and includes ozone piping, polystyrene float stone and 100 mm ozone friendly diffuser stone. Aquazone
AQUA-OX Aquazone Ozone Generators 6 to 32 gram on oxygen With integrated built in oxygen generator and oil free compressor Aquazone Ozone Generators
AQUA-FILLZONE Aquazone Fillzone Bottling plant system Complete with contacting system monitors and control for bottle filling plants Aquazone Fillzone Bottling plant
AQUA- MEGA Aquazone Ozone Generator, 60, 100, 150, 200, 500 and 1000 grams requiring oxygen input Water cooled ozone generators in a stainless steel enclosure requiring oxygen or dried air input. AQUA- MEGA
AQUA- 60 G SKID Aquazone 60 grams on a skid Compressor, oxygen generator, gas analyser, contact chamber, ORP Redox control, ozone destructor, ambient air monitor AQUA- 60 G SKID
AQUA-GOFILL Aquazone Generator 10 grams plus Integral oxygen generator and own compressor, with monitoring and controls and booster circulation pump AQUA-GOFILL
AQUA-HOME Aquazone Home Ozoniser 200 mg/hr with internal air pump and timer Bubble ozone in to drinking water to purify, oxygenate and remove chlorine or use ozone water as a germicidal rinse. Can also be used to deliver ozone in to cupboards fridge, deep freeze or vehicle to deodorise or remove mould or fungus and to sanitise AQUA-HOME
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