Biozone Sewage Treatment Systems

The great attraction of the Biozone sewage treatment system is that the treated sewage water is safe to use for irrigation, reintroducing in to rivers or dams. The Biozone submerged media and bioreactor technology can be provided in 40 ft containers, above ground tanks or underground.

Domestic, commercial and Industrial sewage treatment systems.

  • Portable ( containers) or standalone
  • Very little sludge
  • No ” Honey sucker”
  • No smells


Why throw away water you have paid for?


  • STEP 1 – (Pump station) where all sewage and waste water is collected from the settlement.
  • STEP 2 – (Bioreactor tanks) where oxygen is intoduced to submerged media waterborne bacteria are actively being grown.
  • STEP 3 – (Clarification tank) where sludge settles at the bottom of the tank and the clear water separated at the top.
  • STEP 4 – (Sterilization tank) where the clear water is treated either by Ozone or Ultraviolet and is now ready for recycling.

Bacteria, if grown correctly, are capable of removing nitrogen from waste-water through a two step biological processes, nitrification and denitrification.
Also the organic material and nutrients are removed from the waste-water flowing past the attached bacteria growth on the biofilm whilst air is introduced (aerobic).

Bacteria colonies are grown on a submersed fixed film media where they feed on organic nutrients (sewage). Oxygen is introduced at the correct levels in to the treatment tank (bioreactor) to encourage and promote bacteria growth. In so doing COD ( chemical oxygen demand)levels are reduced, nitrification and denitrification occurs and nitrates and ammonia levels are controlled rendering the water safe for recycling.

Once the bacteria mature, they die and the system scours them off the media. These dead cells are then collected and recycled back to the first tank to be retreated.This allows the plant to generate zero sludge.
The clear water can then be sterilised by means of an ozone or ultraviolet technology.
Once sterilised, the treated effluent is ready for discharge, either by means of irrigation, or to return into dams or rivers.

If required, further treatment will be necessary to make the water suitable for drinking.

The Biozone system and process described:

  • The raw sewage is channelled to a submerged tank, ( this could be the old septic tank) where non biodegradable products are separated.
  • The sewage is then pumped in to the first reactor tank which contains bacteria growing on media and where the nitrification takes part.
  • From the first nitrification reactor tank, the sewage is then pumped in to the second reactor tank where denitrification occurs, also with bacteria reaction.
  • Then the effluent is pumped in to the clarification tank which is cone shaped and where any solids that escape the first 2 tanks are collected and pumped back to the first tank.
  • From the clarification tank, the now clean and treated water overflows in to the last tank where sterilisation occurs using ozone or Ultra violet.
  • In the sterilisation tank is a submersible pump which will automatically pump the treated water to irrigation, or dams, rivers etc.

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Package Sewage Treatment Plants, Containerised Sewage Treatment Plants, Above Ground Sewage Treatment Plants or Underground Sewage Treatment Plant options. Recycle treated sewage water for irrigation.