Ozone decontamination

Airzone Cold Storage Disinfection

Ozone Mould Prevention & Bacteria Control Using Ozone in Cold Storage dramatically reduces the potential for spreading germs from handling foods like meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and yeast that can grow in refrigerators, cause spoilage and decrease shelf-life. Organic or bacterial “slime” grows on produce and refrigerator coils, pans, …

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Ozone in the organic food industry

Ever wondered why fresh fruit and veges and even meat, especially overseas, appears to be bland and tasteless compared to home-grown food? Worried about chemicals and pesticides on your veges, fruit or meat…..or bugs in your processed food? You are not alone…hence the booming interest in organic food farming and processing. Any chemical free process …

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Ozone disinfection

Keeping the environment infection free is a prime concern of any conscientious hospital management. Preventing contamination and spread of infection is an assigned responsibility of the doctors and nurses, which can never be compromised. Common causes of high internal rate of infection in a hospital are: Transmission through the air of airborne diseases from one …

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