Going Green With OSI

We live in a world where resources are being stretched to the point of exhaustion and where the effects of current consumption patterns are inducing long term damage to the sustainability of the planet. Society has begun to question the way in which we operate within our environment and the consequent self analysis has resulted in what is becoming a paradigm shift in the way the world views its activities. This includes even the most fundamental issues around how we utilize natural resources, how we recycle our air and water and the type of energy sources we utilize to power our homes and industry. The causes and consequences have been well documented and the focus has now shifted to what must be done to avoid these imminent crises.

The following are global, but more specifi cally African, problems with serious consequences if not addressed in the near future:

  • Water shortages
  • Power shortages
  • Global warming
  • Air pollution
  • Pollution of rivers, dams and underwater supplies
  • Overloaded and inadequate waste removal and treatment facilities

The effects of these problems have led to contamination from chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants which have resulted in a proliferation of stomach, heart and lung diseases. Ozone Services Industries (Pty) Ltd, saw these serious problems and took action to provide products and technology to address some, if not all, of these issues.