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  • Ozone Listeria Treatment and Inactivation

    Ozone can be used for the reduction, or elimination of L. monocytogenes on food products Listeriosis is caused by a species names of bacteria named  L. monocytogenes. This results in a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with this strain. The disease can be deadly and will pose a greater risk to those with weakened immune systems. Both L. […]

  • Rainwater disinfection for drinking

    Use the same machine to remove smoke or other smells from your car, fridge cupboard or room. Or to freshen up a musty room and prevent/remove mould. Or bubble in to your storage tank using the Aquazone BioBubbler Tank kit Simply hang the provided diffuser stone in the tank set the timer for the desired […]

  • Aquazone Ozone BioBubbler Water Tank Disinfection

    Ozone is a gas that when introduced to water with iron or bacterial contaminants the ozone will, at the correct dosage, eliminate these by oxidation. Tank water bubble treatment and purification Freshen stale water E.Coli and other bacteria elimination Iron, manganese and tannin oxidation Container or room disinfection or deodorisation Air conditioning ducting mould removal […]


    “PROBIOTICS” REVIVE AND RESTORE SEPTIC TANK SYSTEMS Bioremedial sewage treatment solutions are like probiotics for septic tanks and help revive and restore these systems resulting in much less odour. That’s according to Ian Wright, CEO of organic air, water and sewage treatment firm, Biozone. “Our natural sewage reclamation solutions reduce the frequency of septic tank […]

  • How much ozone is needed

    Two steps are used to determine the amount of ozone required. First is the CUMULATIVE need, which is the number of milligrams of ozone necessary to oxidize the number of milligrams of contaminates present. This is the stoichiometry of the reaction representing the consumption of ozone, normally in mgO3/mg substance. When several contaminates or substances […]

  • Ozone In Bottling Plants

    Contamination of product is always of major concern for food or drink producers, bottling plant operators and consumer products and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The devastating costs of contamination dictate that operators are always on the look out for effective sanitisation processes. Contamination can occur from: The added ingredient Process water Packaging Air. Disinfection techniques: Ozone. Chlorine […]

  • The answer to those smelly problems in a hotel room

    Ozone Deodorising Housekeepers face many challenges everyday, but one of the most problematic, and unpleasant, is eliminating those strange and foul smells in hotel rooms and other areas. A new, innovative and entirely natural solution is now available to housekeepers in South Africa to provide an instant and highly effective solution to those smelly problems. […]