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    Ozone Food Processing is a much needed Value add on for all Fresh Food Processing facilities. Food Storage Concerns about extending shelf life and controlling the decay and ripening of produce without depending on harmful chemicals have driven increased demand for safe, proven food storage alternatives. Service providers offer on-site ozone generating systems to deliver low-dose concentrations […]


    THE BENEFITS OF  OZONE FOOD RINSE AS AN ANTIMICROBIAL AGENT Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent that has numerous potential applications in the food industry because of its significant advantages over traditional antimicrobial agents such as chlorine, potassium sorbates, etc. It is mainly by applying gaseous ozone or ozone-containing water that food products are treated […]

  • Ozone Cannabis Growing

    Ozone Cannabis Growing Organically Cannabis is susceptible to a range of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. State regulations require testing for microbes and destruction of product that do not meet specified standards. Many producers destroy a substantial amount of their yields because of failed microbial tests, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ozone technology […]

  • Ozone Effect on Meats, Vegetables and Fish

    Ozone Effect  of  Ozone  on  Chicken  Meat  (Antibiotics  Removal) Test  Parameter Unit Results Foam Chicken  Meat Chlortetracycline mg/kg Present Absent Oxy  tetracycline mg/kg Present Absent Chloramphenicol mg/kg Absent Absent The  above  chicken  meat  sample  was  immersed in  ozonated water for  30  minutes  in  3  litres  of  tap  water. Both  the  foam  and  the  meat  ozonated were  used  for  testing. The  laboratory  results  showed  that  after  ozonation,  two  of  the  above  antibiotics  were  present  in the  foam  sample  but  not  in  the  chicken  meat.  This  analysis  indicates  that  the  antibiotics  in  the chicken  meat  were  extracted  by  ozonating  the  meat. Ozone effect  on  Chicken  Meat  (Shelf  Life  Testing) Day Total  Bacterial  Count  at  37°  C  for  48  hours,  cfu/g Without  Ozone  Treatment With  Ozone  Treatment Day  1 4 2.8×10 3 2.4×10 Day  2 5 2.4×10 5 2.0×10 Day  3 5 4.0×10 5 3.2×10 Day  4 6 1.1×10 5 7.0×10 […]

  • Corona discharge ozone generators or UV

    Ultraviolet (UV) ozone generation Ultraviolet lamps have been used for decades to generate ozone.  This lamp emits UV light at 185 nanometers (nm). Light is measured on a scale called an electromagnetic spectrum and its increments are referred to as nanometers. Figure 1 represents an electromagnetic scale; note the location of higher-frequency ultraviolet light relative […]

  • Swimming Pool Ozone Generator Install & Maintain

    POOL OZONE GENERATOR INSTALLING AND MAINTAINING  Swimming pool ozone generators are designed to produce ozone at adequate levels of ozone to keep your pool bacteria and virus free. In most instances, no additional sanitizer is required. Pools however differ in sizes, type and location. As a result, the ozone demand may be different for different […]

  • Aquazone 60 gram Ozone Generator With O2 Generator Included

    The Aquazone Ozone Generator uses heat­ resistant HQG quartz structure dielectric which is efficient and extremely stable, with a long lifespan, high discharge efficiency, and resilient in the case of back flow water. Feature: ●  Built ­in oil­ free air compressor, filtering system, oxygen generator and ozone generator ●  PSA oxygen generator ●  Patented HQG […]

  • Ozone Listeria Treatment and Inactivation

    Ozone can be used for the reduction, or elimination of L. monocytogenes on food products Listeriosis is caused by a species names of bacteria named  L. monocytogenes. This results in a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with this strain. The disease can be deadly and will pose a greater risk to those with weakened immune systems. Both L. […]

  • Rainwater disinfection for drinking

    Use the same machine to remove smoke or other smells from your car, fridge cupboard or room. Or to freshen up a musty room and prevent/remove mould. Or bubble in to your storage tank using the Aquazone BioBubbler Tank kit Simply hang the provided diffuser stone in the tank set the timer for the desired […]