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  • Ozone in gaseous form to keep fresh food fresh

    Ozone will prevent and reduce mould growth and enhance food safety in cold rooms or in refrigerated transport. Ozone will attack and destroy small molecules including, ethylene, mould, fungus, e-coli, salmonella and listeria. Food varieties that benefit from ozone include pineapples, table grapes, citrus, onions, melons, and potatoes as they are susceptible to mould growth […]

  • Ozone in Public Toilets and Washrooms

    SANITISING AND DEODORISING TOILETS WITH OZONE Noxious airborne chemicals and surface bacteria cause unpleasant and harmful odours. Ozone not only deodorises washrooms effectively but also kills the germs than can lurk on surfaces such as taps and toilets. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is produced when oxygen interacts with either electricity or UV […]


    Zimbabwean home owners now have the added convenience of being able to fill up with purified drinking water when visiting selected fuel station forecourts in Harare. Flo2Go’s purified water pumps are situated next to the fuel dispensers and deliver purified water by five-stage reverse osmosis filtration. The pumps are equipped with retractable hoses that dispense […]

  • Ozone kills your scent whilst hunting

    What Ozonics Can Do for You Today by Mike Carney | November 21st, 2016 0 What would you pay to have a second chance at all the biggest bucks that winded you over the last 10 years? Reflect hard on all those antlers for a moment. And this second time around, the animal would have […]

  • Control botrytis with ozone

    BOTRYTIS CINEREA THREATENS WHAT THE RAND PROVIDES Recent rand strength does not distract from the basic fact that one unit of European currency is traded for 15 of ours. This currency bonanza has led to a surge in South African table grape exports. For example, exports of seedless grapes increased to 482 million cartons in […]


    South Africans familiar with the sight of the ubiquitous shopping mall car wash are no doubt also familiar with the vast quantities of water that splash around these concerns. So too, are city municipal managers who now have car washes built on old water technology firmly in their sights. “It’s the historic wasteful use of […]

  • Ozone in bottled water

    Ozone treatment is essential for water bottling because it plays a multiple, beneficial role in the production of bottled water and can when, properly done, assure a good quality, storage stable product. Ozone is the most powerful, chemical disinfectant available. It disinfects them all: the water, the bottle, the bottling equipment, the sealed cap of […]

  • Ozone water treatment for quality water

    Aquazone Water Purification systems provide ozone water treatment when there is no Municipal treated supply of water to provide safe bathing or irrigation water.   Ozone treatment is efficient and effective in achieving pollution removal, allowing people more flexibility to use water that exists where they are, or where they want to be. Ground water, […]

  • Room ozone generator smoke remover

    Airzone OdoGo Portable Air Purifiers Having dedicated smoking rooms in an Hotel can be a costly exercise, however most hotel owners don’t realise that if someone has been smoking in a room or left any other smell for that matter, using a portable ozone generator will eliminate the source of the odour and not just […]

  • Ozone Applications in a Ready-To-Eat Meat Processing Plant

    Ozone can be effectively used to lower the levels of microorganisms on processing equipment and plant surfaces, and on the surfaces of processed food products (fresh and smoked pork sausage, bacon, skinless and natural casing wieners, lunch meat, and hams). A common solution uses an organic acid (sodium lactate) for sanitation. Ozone is an effective […]