Quality Ozone Generators Systems That Produce Ozone Gas To Introduce In To Air Or Water To Kill Bacteria & Oxidise Contaminants Safely & Organically

Stop Using Chlorine Or Chemicals

  • Obtain Fresh Tasty Water 
  • Purify Or Deodorise Air
  • Organically Rinse Fresh Food To Kill Surface Bacteria
  • Store Or Transport Fresh Products With Ozone To Maintain Freshness
  • Kill Surface & Airborne Bacteria & Viruses
  • Eliminate Mould & Ethylene To Extend Shelf Life
  • Deodorise & Oxidise

About Ozone

Ozone Gas works 3000 times faster than and is 2.5 times stronger than chlorine.
This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine, and other chemicals. Due to the instability of the ozone molecule, it is generated at the point of use after which it quickly reverts back to oxygen leaving no harmful residue or taints.

Where Is Ozone Gas Used?

Wherever a Chemical Free Organic & Environment Friendly Disinfectant Or Oxidant Is Required.
Aquazone Ozone Generators Coupled To A Venturi Eductor Or Airstone Diffuser Introduce o3 gas In To Water Producing Aqueous Ozone For Use As A Dinfectantant Or As An Anti Bacterial Rinse.

Airzone Ozone Generators Introduce O3 gas In to Semi Or Unoccupied Areas To Kill Bacteria, Mould Spores In The Air Or Surfaces & To Remove Smells & Contaminants.

Biozone Ozone Systems Together With Other Technologies Allow For Storage & Recycling Process, Waste, Rain Or Grey Water To Either Reuse Or Introduce Back In To The Environment.

Our Latest Blog.

IS OZONE SAFE IS IT GOOD OR BAD? Often it’s a surprise to people to discover that ozone gas can be good and bad. Ozone is an important gas in urban pollution monitoring, as well as a gas used in industrial processes. This video hopefully explains the two faces of ozone in a way that…

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