Airzone Ozone Generators Air Sanitation and Deodorising Systems


Ozone gas generated from a UV or CD Airzone ozone generator can be used to purify air in a room, container or cold room where the gas eliminates airborne pathogens such as botrytis or tuberculosis. Therefore it will prevent cross-contamination from one person or product to another.

It can also be used to effectively deodorise by eliminating the source of the smell e.g. a hotel room that has been smoked in or a garbage area.

Also in a storeroom or cold room, the ozone gas will extend the shelf life of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables and will neutralise ethylene.

Mould growth can be prevented with ozone gas and that musty smell will also go away.

In your home office or factory you will always want the air to be clean and fresh as you would like your drinking water to be.
Smoke, garbage, stale or musty air can all be addressed with the use of ozone.
Similarly the air in a storeroom, fridge or cold room can be maintained as airborne microorganism free with the use of ozone and Ultraviolet light technology.
And then at the right levels, ozone will prevent bacteria growth on fresh fruit or vegetables, in a cheese production room or on surface areas such as in a laboratory.

Portable hand held 12 volt Airzone units will also blanket human scent with scent-destroying ozone. Unlike any other scent control products ozone will continuously deal with the scent in your hunting area by using ozone to eliminate, alter and reduce scent molecules making them undetectable by deer and other scent-wary game.

Ozone Solutions are specialists in air treatment and apart from ozone can also provide products in demand by the mother, homeowner or office worker such as a Meaco home room humidifiers or air filter systems, hepa or electrostatic.


Ozone (O³) is used in semi occupied or non occupied areas to purify and deodorise air. Ultraviolet (UV) systems are used in occupied areas generally by treating the air by circulating past UV tubes.

Airzone systems are well suited for these markets for eliminating pathogens and maintaining health:  Doctors’ Offices, Dentists, Hospitals and Clinics, Pathology laboratories, Veterinarian Clinics, Day Care Centres, Schools, Nursing, Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Supermarkets, Health Clubs, Beauty Salons and Hairdressers, Nurseries, Food Processing and Beverage Bottling Facilities, and business enterprise within Commerce and Industry.

Airzone OdoFree Ozone deodoriser


Airzone OdoFree Sani

Wall mounted ozoniser with variable settings to run continuously in any environment such as toilet, smoking or garbage area to neutralise and remove smells, sanitise and purify

Airzone Gentle Breeze

The Airzone Gentle Breeze is placed in the Air conditioning ducting where the UV and UVC radiation kills all airborne pathogens and germs before being reintroduced in to occupied office or home areas.


Air conditioning Duct Bacteria and mould control


Airzone Giai

Airzone Giai

Wall or desktop mounted ozone generator with hepa filter and remote control ideal for hotel and hospital reception, doctors surgeries, office and call centres and dispatch or smoking areas to purify air in the surroundings and to prevent cross contamination of air borne diseases such as flu or tuberculosis.

Airzone Car Deodorisers


Airzone OdoFree wall mounted vehicle deodorisers will eliminate ingrained smells in a vehicle such as cigarette smoke, cats urine, vomit etc. An air pump delivers the ozone gas through an ozone friendly pipe in to the vehicle for a quick half hour session to permanently remove offensive and clinging smells

Airzone OdoGo


Airzone OdoGo

Portable ozone generator commonly used for hotel room deodorising as part of the Housekeeper tools after a room has been painted or smoked in. An internal fan blows ozone in to the unoccupied area and after treatment where the room can be occupied after treatment. Also used to recover smoke contaminated areas or fabric after a fire or to sanitise a contaminated or smelly area such as a container or hospital room.


UV Mortuary Disinfection control


UV Ceiling and wall mounted units can be used very effectively in Mortuaries or Coldrooms with or without ozone to disinfect and deodorise for safer and more pleasant conditions for workers, staff and visitors

Also ideal for cold rooms and intercoolers where air borne pathogens could cause major problems in food storage

Airzone EcoBlaster 

How the Ecoblaster works


Airzone Ozone Generator

The EcoBlaster has an internal air pump and 24 hour timer to enable the user to deliver dedicated amounts of ozone gas in to any enclosed area for effective sanitation and/or deodorising.

In a cold room for example the ozone gas would be introduced in front of the cooling fans to effectively distribute the ozone gas throughout the cold room

Wall mounted Airzone Ozone generator designed to pump ozone gas in to an enclosed area such as a cold room or mortuary to remove airborne pathogens and maintain purified air in and around the product. Commonly used in Casino smoking areas where sensors control and maintain safe and effective removal of smoke smells including fabric and clothing and yet be safe and healthy for the occupants.

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