Sustainability has raced to the top of the corporate and social agenda as the reality of climate change hits home. Consumers and businesses alike are now looking for products and services that will enable a sustainable lifestyle and many of them will be on show at the forthcoming Green Expo.

Ozone Services Industries (OSI) will be exhibiting all its domestic products at the Expo. Air purifiers are one important category, and include the OdoFree Sani and Giai. The OdoFree Sani is a wall-mounted sanitiser and deodoriser that oxidises micro-organisms and oxygenates the air. Its sister product, the Giai, is a larger, remote-controlled unit that eliminates smells and particles while also enriching the air with oxygen.

Another important product is the home-grown Biozone unit, which is designed to recycle sewage effluent into water that can be reused in toilet flushing systems, irrigation systems and even as drinking water for livestock. It is specifically designed for small-scale use, particularly in remote or sensitive ecosystems. The system is proudly South African, and uses a completely natural process that requires no chemicals or regular emptying.

“Pure air and water are two of life’s essentials, and we are proud to offer products that provide proven solutions,” says Ian Wright of OSI. “All of these products are particularly useful in the hospitality and tourism sectors as well as the domestic context, so Cape Town with its vibrant tourism industry is a great place to showcase them.”

The air sanitisers provide clean, oxygen-rich air in, for example, hotel rooms, conference facilities and medical suites. The Biozone unit was developed with golf resorts and eco-lodges very much in mind. These tourist destinations are typically located in areas of great natural beauty and ecological sensitivity.

“The Biozone product makes it possible for a lodge or wilderness resort to offer its clients and staff every amenity with no chance of polluting the environment—which is, in any event, the whole reason for being there in the first place. It’s also useful for businesses operating in remote locations where there is no infrastructure, such as mines,” says Wright. “Ahead of COP 17 at the end of the month, the world is really looking for easy-to-use solutions that make the sustainable lifestyle practical—and that’s exactly what we have to offer.”

The Green Expo will run at the Cape Town International Convention Centre between 18 and 20 November.