Ozone Fresh Food Storage And Transport Solutions

Onion surface disinfection with ozone gas
Onion surface disinfection with ozone gas
Kill surface bacteria with ozone
Kill surface bacteria with ozone

Reduce Decay, Extend Shelf Life, and Eliminate Odour Crossover.


Reduce and control decay

  • Eliminate Botrytis neck rot
  • Control black and blue mould rot
  • Kill surface and airborne microorganisms
  • Increase storage and shelf life
  • Control odors/crossover
  • Kill volatile organic compounds (VOC s)
  • USDA and FDA approved
  • Certified organic


Ozone is the safest and most natural purification and disinfection agent for fresh produce. It is approved by the FDA and USDA as a food contact substance and is certified organic.

Ozone’s method of action is to destroy the cell wall of the organism upon contact.

Because it works instantly, ozone does not enable the development of resistant pathogen strains, an increasing problem for the produce industry.

Generated from the oxygen in air, ozone reverts to pure oxygen after doing its job, leaving no residue on produce.

Ozone is made on-site; no delivery or storage of toxic chemicals required. At the levels Airzone recommends, ozone is safe for people, product, equipment and the environment.

Onions and garlic in storage are susceptible to decay, particularly Botrytis neck rot, and black and blue mould rot, from airborne and surface microorganisms and odors can cause unwanted contamination of other commodities. With Airzone’s cold storage solution, packers and processors are able to control odour cross- over, extend product life and marketability, and decrease decay losses naturally.

Ozone can be used as a complementary measure with various post-harvest techniques.


Airzone’s  science-based cold storage solution generates ozone from the oxygen in the air on-site and delivers defined, low-dose specific concentrations of gaseous ozone into the atmosphere, for use as a powerful but safe disinfectant.

The solution kills airborne and surface microorganisms and effectively controls Botrytis neck rot, black and blue mold rot. After killing decay causing microorganisms, ozone immediately reverts to pure oxygen, leaving no residue and maintaining product taste, color, texture and smell

characteristics in its natural State.


Airzone system can maintain ozone concentrations to within +/-10 ppb of a desired set point. The solution may include fail-safe ambient air sensors, which constantly ensure work areas and maintain ozone concentrations well within OSHA standards. The optional remote monitoring service constantly tracks system performance and provides detailed reports and automated alerts.


The Airzone solution has  proven to be effective to minimize decay, control ripening, and enhance food safety without the use of chemicals, making it an ideal solution to protect decay-prone or ethylene sensitive produce. Scientifically engineered, the system enhances the atmosphere inside the container with an active form of oxygen—commonly referred to as ozone—to control moulds, yeasts, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, as well as to consume ethylene. Certified for use with organic produce and approved by the USDA and the FDA, ozone acts as a powerful, residue-free disinfectant that immediately reverts back to oxygen, leaving the product’s taste, texture, and smell characteristics in their natural state.

The Airzone system integrates with the cold room or container’s airflow system to evenly distribute ozone molecules throughout the area. In addition the Airzone system can adjust the ozone levels based on changes in the organic load of the produce and/or changes in the environmental conditions, helping to ensure maximum efficacy throughout the storage time..

Delivering results where traditional atmosphere systems and antimicrobials fall short, Airzone offers what no other solution can—a chemical-free approach to extending shelf life, minimising waste, and maintaining the quality of fresh produce ion storage and  during long-range transport.

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