Wierda Baba Sentrum in Centurion has become one of the first childcare facilities in South Africa to install an ultraviolet air purification system to keep babies and toddlers safe from airborne bacteria and viruses.

Installed by Ozone Services Industries (OSI), the Airzone Calypso 55 UV units now used at Wierda Baba Sentrum purify the air in the crèche of pathogens to safeguard the health of the children the facility looks after. Many of the kids at the crèche are infants only a few days old and thus highly susceptible to illness because of their immature immune systems.

The units are based on ultraviolet technology, which destroys airborne pathogens as they try to reproduce by deactivating their DNA. The lights are contained in a metal casing to prevent anyone from staring directly into them. A built-in fan draws the air from the room into the unit which pass over the Ultra-violet germicidal lamps and the pathogens are destroyed.

Ian Wright, managing director of OSI said: “Ultraviolet technology is a safe and simple option for purifying the air in environments such as daycare facilities. The ultraviolet light kills off micro-organisms in a very effective manner that is also completely safe to humans if the system is installed correctly.”

OSI also installed two Airzone Sani ozone-based units at Wierda Baba Sentrum, one in the nappy changing room and the other at reception, to cleanse the air around these areas and the bathrooms.

“Ozone is not only a great deodoriser but it is also highly efficient at killing bacteria and viruses as well. Importantly, ozone leaves no chemical residue as unused ozone reverts back into oxygen,” said Wright. “As such, it is perfect  for environments such as Wierda Baba Sentrum.”

The crèche’s Johan De Clerk said that Wierda Baba Sentrum takes care of many small children while their parents are at work, including many infants who are but a few days old. Since new-born infants are so vulnerable to pathogens passed on by caregivers and older children, the crèche decided that it was important to invest in a solution that would allow it to create a sterile environment for the children it tends to.

“The health of our babies and toddlers is very important to us, so we see this as a worthwhile investment,” De Klerk added. “We hope to expand our use of the OSI products in the years to come as we strive to create a germ-free place for our kids to eat, sleep and play while their parents are at work,” he concluded.