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Who we Are

Ozone Solutions has been in the business of supplying specialised equipment and technologies to the Water Purification and Air purification Industries for over 20 years. The Company can offer ozone solutions and ultra violet technology where oxidation disinfection or sanitising are required without using chemicals or damaging the environment.


The Company’s main focus is around the provision of “ozone gas” which has been used around the world for the last 100 years and is rapidly becoming recognised in Southern Africa as a highly suitable and safe replacement for chlorine in water and waste water treatment and in fresh food processing and packaging.

This is evidenced by upgrades with ozone systems on most Municipality Water Treatment works in South Africa, the most recent being Tshwane’s Rietvlei, Roodeplaat and currently Themba Plants. OSI are heavily involved in all of these and more as they hold the Distributor rights for Degremont Ozonia Switzerland, the largest ozone generator manufacturer in the world.

Ozone Solutions also services commercial and industrial operations with own manufactured equipment and is able to offer turnkey projects for water treatment “in” and sewage treatment “out”. This is of particular interest to the mining industry where large contracts have been secured in and outside South Africa and obviously new remote shopping malls, housing developments, hospitals, clinics, schools etc.

In the air purification Industry OS offers proven ozone and ultraviolet technology to address deodorising problem areas such as in smoking, garbage areas and mortuaries, and the containment and prevention of cross contamination of disease caused by air borne pathogens and bacteria in high rise buildings (Sick Building Syndrome), hospitals, clinics, schools etc.

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In 1997 Ian Wright sold up his business interests in Zimbabwe and immigrated to South Africa and set up Ozone Services Industries.A market research study contracted by Ian indicated the lack of knowledge of ozone solutions in South Africa and the large potential for business. In 2000, considerable investment was applied to research and development of a locally manufactured range of ozone generators, UV systems and associated equipment using the facilities and support of Industrial Development Company, SA. A full range of Air and Water units were then decided upon and sales began using the registered Airzone and Aquazone brand names throughout Southern Africa.

In 2000, OSI secured the Distributor status for Ozonia Ltd (Switzerland). A condition for this franchise, was that OSI technicians required regular training at the Ozonia factory in Zurich and where OSI had to possess resources such as tooling and test equipment to install, service and maintain sophisticated plants supplied by Ozonia.

image_miniThis enabled the Company to enter the large Industrial and Municipal market, principally in Water Purification, and servicing of old and new large Ozonia OZAT ozone generators and plants began.

Large plants worked on include the Municipal sewage reclamation plant in Windhoek which was completely refurbished by OSI and maintenance has also been carried out at the Sappi Ngondwana Paper Mill in Mpumulanga.

Various other projects have been commissioned by OSI including, amongst others, Midvaal Water treatment works, Nestles Bottling, L’Oreal, Plettenberg Bay Municipality, uShaka Marine World, Sasol Secunda and Anglo Plats Rustenberg and Modikwa.


OSI is registered with GSSC (Gauteng Shared Services) as a vendor and supplies all of the Forensic Pathology Mortuaries and most of the Government Hospitals with mortuary deodorising and sanitising equipment using ozone and ultra violet technologies.


Most if not all of the Sun International Casinos in South Africa have used Airzone systems in their smoking areas since 2003.

Airzone systems

The largest Spa/Jacuzzi suppliers in SA use Aquazone systems as the preferred disinfection systems preferring these to chlorine treatment methods.

Aquazone systems

Ozone are members of

  • Water Institute of South Africa ( WISA)
  • Sewage Package Association of South Africa ( SEWPACKSA)
  • Green Building Council (GBDC)
  • Federated Hospitality Association ( Fedhasa)
  • Ozone Association of South Africa

OSI also has a working arrangement with Ozone Water Systems in Phoenix Arizona. OWS are the largest “Ozone” Company in the USA and are contracted by the major ozone suppliers to build complete plants throughout the world. OSI relies on OWS for technical advice and for specific skid units. OSI also participates with OWS in servicing and maintaining large projects in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana with Nigeria and Dubai for future contracts.

In 2009, the Biozone Sewage Treatment plants ( STP) products were introduced to the product mix enabling the Company to also service the sewage/effluent reclamation and recycling industry.

The Biozone  systems, use conventional aerobic and anaerobic technology with biological media. This is a refined treatment system which ensures an effective and efficient solution to customers requiring sewage treatment or recycling or water savings.

This product/technology has been very well accepted in South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Botswana and has opened doors for the Company where we are able to offer full turnkey plants on housing Estates, Shopping Complexes, Game Lodges, Golf Courses etc. This will be for the potable water supply, and final sewage recycling for irrigation or in to the local rivers or dams without contaminating the earth or atmosphere. In some specific cases where water is short or expensive, the sewage is recycled through reverse osmosis systems to drinking water standard. These plants are very much in demand on remote housing sites such as Mining ventures or Game Lodges.

OS has accumulated an enviable data base of satisfied customers in and out of South Africa, where the Airzone, Aquazone, Biozone, and Ozonia products are well known for their efficacy and reliability. The company has successfully installed and commissioned over 40 large scale ozone and UV generators in a variety of industries and sold over 6000 small to medium air and water ozone generating products to all markets over the years.

Successful applications include

  1. Large Industrial Water Purification and Effluent Treatment projects,
  2. Odour and Hygiene control in the Hospitality and Health Industries
  3. Bottle sterilising and water sterilisation in Bottling plants.
  4. Office and high rise building air purification (combating Sick Building Syndrome),
  5. Jacuzzi/Spa disinfection
  6. Ozone Therapy in the Wellness and Health sector
  7. Domestic water and air purifiers.

Examples of Corporate Clients are

  • Anglo Plats
  • Air Liquide
  • Sappi Ngondwana
  • Goreangab Municipality, Namibia
  • Sasol Secunda
  • Southern Sun Hotels and Casinos
  • Nesles Water
  • L’Oreal, Midrand

OS is supported throughout South Africa by a range of dealers and agents.

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