Airzone Ecoblaster


  • Room air sanitation
  • Remove and control ethylene to slow down ripening on Fresh Veggies or Fruit
  • Deodorising of Container or Rooms
  • Ducting sanitation to prevent mould or bacteria growth
  • Vehicle deodorising
  • Garbage/ Refuse Areas
  • Cheese, salami, biltong curing areas
  • Feather rendering odour
  • Fat rendering odour
  • Smoking Areas
  • Control surface bacteria growth on any surface.

This is a video to show how it works:


  • The Airzone EcoBlaster comes with an internal air pump which pumps air into the corona ozone chamber and then to a 6 mm outlet which can be directed into a Cold Room or Container.
  • An internal timer allows the operator to determine when the unit will dose the ozone and to regulate the output.
  • It relies on another distribution method such as Intercooler fans for effective distribution of the ozone gas.