Aquazone HV 103 Air and Water Purifier

Aquazone HV 103 Air and Water Purifier


Can be used to purify water, rinse vegetables or as an air purifier

In Air treatment:

  • Kills bacteria, germs and viruses which are harmful to breathe, neutralising and removing micro-organisms from the air and surfaces
  • Deodorises rooms, fridges, cars, furniture etc.

In Water treatment:

  • Removes impurities from drinking water
  • Ozonises water for hygiene purposes such as Mouthwash, skin care, acne reduction, healing ulcers, burns, surface infections, bath water etc.
  • Kills surface bacteria while washing cutlery and crockery
  • Ozonises water to eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables, hormones and antibiotics in meat extending fresh produce shelf life by as much as 30%

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