Biozone NoKak Containerised plants

Biozone NoKak Containerised plants



100 man camp fully integrated sewage treatment plant in a 40 ft container

Biozone purifiers ozonize

Portable Sewage treatment plants from 100 to 250 man camps in containers

40 cubes per day STP

Now Ozone Services are able to supply Sewage Treatment Plants in 40 ft and 20 ft containers for remote areas and where they can be moved after the use of the camps have been outgrown.

Remote and temporary Army Camps, Police Camps, NGO establishments, United Nations etc. all require this type of plant which can be easily moved from Camp to Camp and are fully secure with no requirement for expensive and difficult to erect civil works for septic tanks or concrete plinths.

Submerged Media Technology Sewage in Irrigable Water Out

The STP (Sewage treatment plant) will take sewage from a septic tank ( can also be supplied in a 40 ft container) and treat it through 3 X bioreactors, a clarifier and disinfection tank to General Limits standards suitable for irrigation or reintroducing to dams or rivers. Ozone or chlorine disinfection.