Aquazone Ozone Generator with mixer and destructor

(1) Multi-point malfunction monitoring, main board temperature detection, high voltage transformer temperature detection, cooling water temperature detection, PSA input air temperature detection, backflow water of the ozone module detection. The equipment stops operation and the corresponding fault indicator on the control panel lights up when a fault is detected.
(2)​ ​Ozone​ ​amount​ ​continuous​ ​adjustable
(3) Standard 4 ~ 20mA signal control. The equipment can be precisely controlled by different types of ozone measuring device and has met the requirement of many world leading beverage and​ ​bottled​ ​water​ ​companies.
(4)​ ​Main​ ​components​ ​from​ ​Siemens​ ​(IGBT,​ ​IGBT​ ​module).


With built in oil­free air compressor, filtering system and oxygen generator Aquazone utilises corona discharge technology to generate high concentration ozone.
The Aquazone uses heat­ resistant HQG quartz structure dielectric which is efficient and extremely stable, with a long lifespan, high discharge efficiency, and resilient in the case of back flow water.