Aquazone Ozone Bottle Filling Plant

Aquazone Bottle Filling plant system

  • Treat raw incoming water without leaving residual chlorine tastes or contaminants
  • Disinfect bottles before filling
  • Insure pathogen free water in treated water after Reverse Osmosis
  • Leave residual ozone in bottled water to maintain shelf life

The Aquazone Bottle Filling Plants allow for disinfection of the bottles before filling and for treating process water.
The systems consist of an ozone generator with oxygen supply, contact chamber mixing system, ozone analyser monitoring and controls, in line ppm ozone measuring to maintain required mg/litre of ozone and then destruction of the ozone with ambient ozone level protection in the working atmosphere.
Bottle washing process for bottles involves the insertion of a nozzle into the inverted bottle through which a high pressure jet of water thoroughly cleans the inside surface of the bottle of all mechanical debris, deposits, etc.. In addition to this mechanical cleaning, filling companies require that this cleaning also disinfects the
bottles in order to avoid microbial contamination after the filling and capping of the product.
Process water …Small dose of ozone, in the region of 0.3 mg/1 to 0.5 mg/l, is sufficient to sanitise the product and the product packaging. After filling the ozonated product, the crated or palleted bottles are placed on stock for a few days in order to allow the ozone to decompose. After this period, the ozone will have oxidised the organic substances in the product water, the microbial activity will have been reduced to a minimum (or even sterility) and the remaining unreacted ozone will have decayed to form diatomic oxygen.