Aquazone Post RO Ozone Disinfection

Ozone has is well accepted in fields that require high purity water, such as the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is extremely degrading to RO membranes and other components.Ozone eradicates microorganisms and their byproducts, such as endotoxin, and breaks them down to carbon dioxide and water.
The half-life of ozone is 30 minutes in water and 24 hours in air. Their permissible exposure limit (PEL) in the atmosphere for ozone is 0.1ppm over an 8 hour time waited average (TWA). In other words, as long as the exposure averages out to 0.1 ppm at any given time


Aquazone Post RO Disinfection Systems in bottle filling plants ensure the treated water tank is fully disinfected & residual ozone maintains purity.
Due to its great oxidating power, the use of ozone can be recommendable in the water pre-cure for the reduction of dissolved metals and the removal of organic matter, which allows saving coagulants and times of retention. Less amount of ozone than of chlorine in similar process of pre-cure are required. Ozone, besides to attack the precursors of the trihalometanes and to reduce its concentration in the water, destroys these compounds already formed. Another advantage of ozone instead of chlorine is that it does not distribute to the water colour, scent or flavour and we can avoid other toxicologic aspects coming from the chloration (trihalometanes, chlorofenoles and chloramines).