Solar Sewage Treatment

Ideal for remote Game Lodges, Housing Estate or small factories where there is no access to municipal sewage treatment.No more smells or Honeysucker visits.

The technology used to treat the sewage is a combination of anaerobic/aerobic biological and absorption filtration process. This process has proven itself over the last 10 years to be reliable and cost effective. The process uses bacteria to reduce the BOD load as well as provide nitrification and denitrification of ammonia. The Absorption filtration process ensures the removal of phosphates and heavy metals present in the effluent. The final inline filter is an Activated Ceramics Technology filter that ensure total disinfection of the processed water.

This allows the treated effluent to be either safely discharged to the environment or alternatively used for irrigation.

Periodic Maintenance

  1. a) Minor service

     Flush 500 ml Biozone OdoGo NWTA Anaerobic biological additive down toilet once per 3 months or whenever a smell begins.

  1. b) Major service

Replace Absorption filter and Ceramic Filter set once per year.

  1. c) De-sludge

Once per year.


  • Simple installation requirements
  • No electricity required.
  • Providing families with dignified water borne sanitation.
  • Very basic maintenance required.
  • Significant water saving.
  • No handling and emptying dry system with hands and burning of dry faecal waste in gardens, as prescribed by dry systems.
  • No contamination to the environment and scarce underground water resources.