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Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Biozone Natural Sewage Treatment and Septic tank remediation

Domestic Sewage Treatment Solutions 

Domestic Sewage Treatment Solutions

If the septic tank and soakaway are blocked and smelling the 1 st port of call would be to try introducing the Biozone Bacteria remedy in to the septic tank and soakaway. Normally an improvement will be noticed within a couple of days with the smell going away. Then do a 3 month trial which, if it works, then a maintenance programme to keep the system active and working. Order a 4 litre container today and dose at 2 litres initially followed by 2 months of 1 litre each.

The Biozone Remedial process using a bacteria boost

If there is no success then look at installing a Biozone NWS Sewage treatment plant.

The Biozone Package plants use no chemicals or electricity and are ideal for residential homes, remote schools, game lodges etc. Modular systems are available from 6 persons ( 2000 litres) to 24 ( 6000 litres) per day. It is in the clients interest to excavate their own cavity in to which we install the plant and which the sewage will be introduced to. If the client requires the treated sewage to be pumped out to irrigation, rivers or dams an additional submersible pump and plumbing will be required. Biological additive needs to be introduced in to the first tank regularly and the absorption disinfection filter set in the last tank changed once a year.

Home sewage treatment plants

Domestic Solar Sewage Treatment Plants

Domestic sewerage treatment


Triple A’s STU – (Anoxic Aerobic Absorption Separation Sewage Treatment Unit)
The technology used to treat the sewage is a combination of anaerobic/aerobic biological and absorption filtration process. This process has proven itself over the last 10 years to be reliable and cost effective.

The process uses bacteria to reduce the BOD load as well as provide nitrification and denitrification of ammonia. The Absorption filtration process ensures the removal of phosphates and heavy metals present in the effluent.

The final inline filter is an Activated Ceramics Technology filter that ensure total disinfection of the processed water.
This allows the treated effluent to be either safely discharged to the environment or alternatively reused to refill the flush toilet cistern to flush the toilet again.

Package Sewage Treatment plants

Industrial Sewage Treatment / Large Sewage Treatments

industrial sewage treatment

The STP (Sewage treatment plant) will take sewage from a septic tank ( can also be supplied in a 40 ft container) and treat the sewage through a bioreactor, clarifier and disinfection tank to General Limits standards suitable for irrigation or reintroducing to dams or rivers. The Biozone Bioremedial Solution as a maintenance proceedure will further boost the efficacy of the plant

Containerised Sewage Treatment Plants 

Portable Sewage Treatment

All Containerised Sewage Treatment Plants are spec to size and can be containerised, above or below ground.

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